Industry Session

Chair: Rob Daniel, ALBI Founding Member

Guest Speakers

Franky O. Widjaja, Vice Chairman, Sinar Mas 

Imelda Adhisaputra, Director of Environmental, Social & Governance, Saratoga Capital

Gareth Phillips, Chief Climate Change Officer, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources

The Guest Speaker Presentations can be downloaded for review below :


3 Big Initiatives
in Indonesia

Presented by

Franky O. Widjaja
Vice Chairman, Sinar Mas.


Saratoga‚Äôs New Paradigm 
of Investment

Presented by

Imelda Adhisaputra
Director of Environmental, Social & Governance, 
Saratoga Capital.


The International Climate Change Negotiations. Are they ever going to deliver?

Presented by

Gareth Phillips
Chief Climate Change Officer, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources.