Code of Conduct

ALBI Members are expected to adhere to an agreed Code of Conduct. This is currently being finalised and will be shared with the Membership before finalisation. As a minimum, Members are expected to:

  • Be committed to the ALBI Charter and provide input to ALBI in good faith
  • Treat all information disclosed in meetings as non-attributable unless otherwise agreed
  • Treat others with respect, and not use ALBI for competitive advantage 
  • Actively seek to participate in working groups and/or the running of the organisation.
  • Help articulate the challenges and opportunities within their business and contribute to the sector and issue profiles to be used by the association 
  • Support the process of refining policy innovation ideas as they emerge and engage with the formal development of the ALBI conferences
  • Help with suggestions of areas of long-term financial support
  • Provide membership payment in a timely manner

In addition:

  • Members may use the ALBI logo in all communication outputs as long as it is not adapted in any way.
  • A Member cannot represent the opinion of the whole Alliance in any public forum without prior agreement from the ALBI Management Board, or in an emergency the Chair of the Board. 
  • The ALBI Management Team, or any member of the Alliance, cannot represent the opinion of a Member on any matter without prior agreement.

In the event that a complaint is raised against a Member with regard to the Code of Conduct, it will be referred to the Steering Committee for review. If appropriate, the Member concerned may be suspended from ALBI or their membership terminated.  The Steering Committee shall have the right to terminate the membership of a member for failure to pay dues or for other good and sufficient reasons such as failure to comply with the Association’s Code of Conduct.


Sector Challenge Films

Each ALBI sector group has produced a selection of films that illustrate the complex green economy challenges facing them. 

Representatives from different parts of the banking and finance sector explain how going low carbon is effecting their industry.
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