Environmental Responsibility

ALBI Charter

ALBI, the Alliance of Low Carbon Businesses in Indonesia, is a business association that enables Indonesian businesses to actively work together to support the Government of Indonesia in delivering its Low Carbon High Growth (LCHG) agenda.

ALBI supports the GoI in its LCHG ambitions by providing a forum through which Indonesian businesses from across different sectors can interact to promote the opportunities for, and benefits arising from, low carbon business in Indonesia. It will do this by building awareness of the low carbon opportunities in key sectors (including the GoI), whilst also working with the Government to put in place the enabling conditions required to make this happen.

ALBI’s vision is of a community of low-carbon businesses operating in Indonesia in a sustainable manner and supported by appropriate GoI policy and legislation to help them achieve their low carbon targets.


We believe ALBI needs to be run by Indonesian businesses for Indonesian businesses.

We believe in a cross-sectoral, collaborative and participatory approach to low carbon development.

We believe success for ALBI means success for Indonesia’s low carbon future and for its international competitiveness.

We share a commitment to social equity, environmental responsibility and economic progress- the three pillars of sustainable development.


Working Groups

ALBI will enable members to share knowledge of sector specific opportunities, constraints, risks and will identify areas where government support is needed.

ALBI will enable members to share knowledge of issues, which are common to several sectors, which are constraining the delivery of LCHG strategies, so they can jointly identify solutions.


ALBI will be a key voice to government on legal and regulatory changes that are needed to support a LCHG economy.

ALBI will prepare and submit to GoI “white papers” which address specific areas where changes are needed.

ALBI will undertake ongoing awareness raising with GoI on areas where businesses need support to achieve a LCHG economy

Business Networking

By organizing and running events such as workshops, conferences and regular networking, ALBI will provide forums for exchanging information, experiences, and ideas related to the achievement of a LCHG economy.


ALBI aims to be a one-stop shop for low carbon development in Indonesia. One mechanism for achieving this will be through ALBI’s comprehensive, active website that serves as a portal for members, policy makers and GoI to access resources, tools, and information on low carbon development strategies, and as a source of information on the benefits of LCHG.

Project Implementation

ALBI will help to spread technical know-how, by identifying opportunities for members to contribute to GHG emission reducing pilot projects, which can offer scale-able solutions at a national level.

Working Together

ALBI Members and Committee will work collaboratively to carry out ALBI’s mission. Each will refrain from taking action that may harm the legitimate interests of other Members and the Alliance, and will operate according this Charter of principles.

The Steering Committee, consisting of ALBI elected members, will be the body that monitors implementation of this Charter of Principles.

Way Forward

ALBI will seek to expand its network of low carbon businesses in Indonesia through outreach, lobbying ….

ALBI will develop its network into business leaders of low carbon development where knowledge, skills and best practices are widely shared.ALBI will seek to mobilise its network to influence policy and practices at the national, regional, and local level to contribute to Indonesia’s Low Carbon High Growth agenda.


Sector Challenge Films

Each ALBI sector group has produced a selection of films that illustrate the complex green economy challenges facing them. 

Representatives from different parts of the banking and finance sector explain how going low carbon is effecting their industry.
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