* If a company wants to add additional nominees/representatives, it will cost 20% of their membership fee per additional person.

Benefits of Membership

ALBI members receive a range of benefits including:

Ability to contribute to low-carbon policy development through an authoritative lobby group that is calling on and working with the GoI to facilitate a transparent and predictable transition to a low carbon economy.
Networking with other companies, across industry sectors, to identify opportunities for cost savings and knowledge transfer.

Engaging in ALBI events and communications to raise the profile and voice of Indonesian companies in the international low carbon arena through use of the ALBI logo and website, and other promotional output.
Access and involvement in research pertinent to the low carbon economy including access to tools, techniques and studies to help develop low carbon strategies (available through the Members section of the website)

ALBI Joining Process

Membership of ALBI is open to all Indonesian registered businesses or affiliates. A Business is defined as a business registered in Indonesia. An Affiliate is defined as an institution not listed as a business (E.g. NGO’s, Universities, other non-governmental business associations). Any business, or affiliate, seeking to join ALBI should complete and submit the attached application form.

Potential Members will be screened for suitability by the Steering Committee and must adhere to the ALBI charter and Member Code of Conduct before formal admission to the Alliance. Once confirmed by the Steering Committee, the Member will be notified and sent an annual membership fee invoice.

The following are the minimum requirements which any company must meet before they can be accepted as an ALBI member.

  1. Business or affiliate based in Indonesia active in, or prepared to take active steps to pursue, a low carbon development pathway
  2. Action plan [existing or in development] for reducing emissions. ALBI will provide a minimum template for such a plan. Interim membership is available for companies that do not meet this criteria at the start of membership.
  3. Designate a point of contact for ALBI from within your organization 
  4. Adherence to ALBI’s Code of Conduct and Charter
  5. Up to date with membership payments

Sector Challenge Films

Each ALBI sector group has produced a selection of films that illustrate the complex green economy challenges facing them. 

Representatives from different parts of the banking and finance sector explain how going low carbon is effecting their industry.
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