ALBI - the Alliance of Low Carbon Businesses in Indonesia, “Perkumpulan Bisnis Karbon Rendah Indonesia,” - is a group of Indonesian businesses and other organisations (including state-owned, private and publicly listed companies, and NGOs) that are actively working together to support the Government of Indonesia (GoI) in delivering its Low Carbon High Growth (LCHG) agenda.

The alliance actively promotes the economic, social and environmental benefits that low carbon developments can bring to The Republic of Indonesia, and the massive business and investment opportunity that growth of the low carbon economy can deliver across all industry sectors. ALBI proactively supports the Indonesian Government in developing and implementing specific policy and legislative changes to help bring about rapid growth of the country’s low-carbon economy as a key element of sustainable GDP growth. 

ALBI works with its members to develop policy recommendations and to advocate and disseminate information on issues of national and regional importance regarding the low-carbon economy. ALBI also helps to empower Indonesian businesses to develop their own low-carbon strategies that will support long-term efficiency savings and business growth.

How does ALBI work

Permanent sector working groups, lead by “Sector Champions”, form the core of the ALBI delivery model. These groups meet on a bi-monthly basis to address sector-specific opportunities and constraints based on agreed priorities. The following sector groups have been established, or are under development:

  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Transport & Tourism
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Service sector
  • Agribusiness & Forestry
  • Manufacturing

The sector groups also contribute to Issue Working Parties, which are used to address specific crosscutting areas of Member interest. These working parties remain active until the issue has been resolved and/or the Members no longer feel the need for the group. Current areas of specific interest include:

  • Feed-in-tariffs, subsidies and fiscal incentives for clean technology
  • Reducing the permitting and regulatory burden for low-carbon projects
  • De-risking capital to increase availability for green growth

How does ALBI interact with the Government of Indonesia

ALBI is a business-led alliance proactively supporting the Indonesian Government in developing and implementing specific policy and legislative changes to bring about a low-carbon economy. ALBI, as a lobby group, will encourage the GoI to address regulations that are disincentives for low carbon development, by prioritising agreed upon regulations and setting up tactics to achieve regulatory reform. ALBI, as a resource group, or ‘one-stop shop,’ on low carbon development in Indonesia will syndicate with the GoI, and likeminded organisations, to share information and build low carbon development strategies. The ultimate aim is to help the GoI to deliver on the President’s carbon-reduction goals by improving the investment climate for low carbon initiatives.

ALBI will produce an annual statement on Indonesia’s progress in achieving low carbon development to be shared with members and other interested stakeholders. ALBI will serve as the ‘industry voice’ on low carbon development in Indonesia by publicly commenting on the relevance and effectiveness of government initiatives that are directed towards low carbon development, and focusing on how industry in this country can contribute to national goals. Through ALBI’s Working Groups, high-level goals will be set for the GoI to work towards a rapid, transparent and predictable transition to a low carbon economy, and progress against those goals will be measured on a regular basis. ALBI will develop metrics for measuring progress at a national and regional level within Indonesia, and will maintain an up to date “score card” of successes and failures on its website. 

ALBI Outreach

ALBI aims to be a one-stop shop for low carbon development in Indonesia. One mechanism for achieving this will be through ALBI’s comprehensive, active website that serves as a portal for members, policy makers and Go to access resources, tools, and information on low carbon development strategies, and as a source of information on the benefits of LCHG.

ALBI will hold an annual conference, bringing together members, affiliates, Working Groups and interested parties, to review key policy recommendations that will be presented to the GoI for response and action.

Want to learn more about Membership?

Sector Challenge Films

Each ALBI sector group has produced a selection of films that illustrate the complex green economy challenges facing them. 

The story of how Star Energy have been harnessing the natural geothermal reserves in the south of Java.
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